Name: Anil
Owner: Alice12341
Tamer: None
Species: Juia
Age: Child
Type: Aero Venom
Gender: Bisexual
Attributes: Perfect
Rarity: Commmon
Power: 25
Level: 1
ATK: (31)
DEF: (19)
AGI: (31)
END: (19)
Potential is locked.
Alice12341 has not set a bio for Anil.
Air Chop  Aero  25  5  10 
The user chops the target with a wing or hand.
Smash Kick  Aero  30  11  22 
The user smashes a foot or paw into the target. Can break rocks.
Venom Claw  Venom  25  7  14  50% 
The user slashes the target with venomous claws. Often poisons the target.
This adopt has no traits.
Internal Name: CT13

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