Images submitted to EvoCrit must adhere to the following guidelines. Images found to be to be violating these guidelines will be removed without warning.

  1. Images solely containing copyrighted materials excluding copyrights held by EvoCrit and its administrators and derivative works thereof are explicitly forbidden. (Art submitted should feature or include adoptables from projects hosted on EvoCrit.)

  2. Images classed as "fanart" or derivative works created without the permission of the intellectual property holder are forbidden.

  3. Adult or otherwise explicit content is not allowed on EvoCrit.

  4. Proper credit must be given for images, both for the creator of the character(s), and the artist(s) of the image.

  5. Anatomy of adoptables must be accurate to the species depicted in order for currency to be awarded.

  6. Any photograph used as a background or base used must be properly sourced. Failure to source correctly, and/or use of a copyrighted image without permission, results in forfeiture of any currency gained from it and may result in other administrative actions.

  7. Traced bases and other violations of intellectual property rights are forbidden.