EvoCrit users are expected to understand and follow the following rules:
  1. Do not harass other users or incite others to do so, no matter how much you think they deserve it.
  2. If you believe someone is breaking the rules, or perpetrating a scam, please contact Kat or Aquapyrofan.
  3. Posting "Public Service Announcements" regarding other users is heavily frowned upon on a good day. If you believe another user's conduct warrants such, contact the admins.
  4. Scamming, or the use of deceptive language and behavior to obtain items, currency (real and otherwise), or adoptables through less than legitimate means, is expressely forbidden.
  5. All reports of scamming and other poor behavior will be fully investigated by the admin team. False reports reflectg unfavorably on the users filing such, and may lead to administrative action.
  6. Be polite. If you wouldn't say it to your mother, chances are you shouldn't say it here.
  7. Hate speech and hate groups will not be tolerated. Any user found to be displaying materials related to such groups will face immediate termination of all accounts.
  8. Do not sell or trade EvoCrit adoptables offsite, or for publicly tradeable (real) currency. This explicitly includes the practice known as "vouching".
  9. Trading must take place through official channels, including on the EvoCrit Forums or through the official DeviantArt, Toyhouse, or Discord groups.