During normal activities on EvoCrit.com, some information may be collected. This document details this information and how this information is used:
    IP addresses may be logged, both in and out of connection with user accounts. This is collected for the purpose of site security.
    Cookies may be stored in your browser's cache. These cookies assist you in logging into our site and accessing its functions.
    Account creation requires a valid email address. EvoCrit reserves the right to send critical updates regarding the site, such as Terms of Service changes and security notifications, to a user's email address. Unless otherwise specified by the user, their email address will not be contacted for the purpose of marketing.
    All information relating to user accounts, excluding decrypted passwords, may be viewed by site administrators at any time, and may be copied for backup purposes or modified to comply with the Terms of Service, rules, or as a result of administrative action.
    Users are able to post their usernames for other sites. We use this information to keep track of adoptable ownership on these sites and avoid theft.