aquapyrofan 1/4/18 5:41 pm
The trade subforum is for you to post any seeking threads, as well as threads for unwanted adoptables, items, and more.  The following rules should be followed:
  • EvoCrit adoptables, items, and currencies only.  Other adoptables should go in Art Sales.
  • No trading adoptables for offsite currency or real money (USD, GBP, etc.). This includes "vouching."
  • No begging or harrassing users for adoptables marked as "Not For Trade" or "Untradable."
  • No unfair trades. An "unfair trade" is defined as one where either the adoptables' rarity differ by more than two categories (Such as trading a common for a legendary), the stage varies by more than two stages (such as trading an egg for a Stage 3 pikumon), or the items/currency offered do not have a similar value (such as trading a common item and one Clikoin for a legendary adoptable), if there is nothing else that would equalize the value.