aquapyrofan 12/22/17 4:02 pm
Ask all your questions about EvoCrit here! Staff will try to respond, but users with the knowledge shouldn't hesitate to answer.
KatFennec 1/2/18 9:20
First :D
the-weasel 5/4/18 4:28
So, are we going to be allowed to make our own projects eventually, or will they all be admin-created?
aquapyrofan 6/13/18 2:14
@the-weasel they will all be admin-created, although I am planning to (eventually) work on an art site where users can make their own ARPGs using a similar backend.
Fumiku 7/10/19 10:09
Is there any way to close an account? I don’t like having accounts I don’t use and never plan to use... If not then can an admin or somebody remove my account manually?